Ethic — Taking on Fast Fashion with a Chrome Extension

Interactive prototype:

Medium article on creation process:

"Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere, is paying.” — Lucy Siegle

The clothes you buy aren’t just about you. They’re about the people who make them, too. 98% of clothing in the US is made abroad, and more often than not your $12 shirt was sewn together by a factory worker making little to no pay under poor working conditions. (More info on working conditions around the world). For people concerned about what their purchases are supporting, it’s important to know where their clothes are coming from. But this information can be hard to gather, and though it is the “information age”, data on the history of your clothing is hard to find.

Clothing consumers who are ethically conscious want something to inform their purchases and buying habits of an item or brand in terms of human rights so they can reduce their ethical footprint, make purchases that align with personal values and morals, and vote with their dollar for what they believe is right in the world.

Check out to read about my design process for Ethic, or visit  for the high fidelity prototype.